Thursday, April 06, 2006

Spring KAL Mystery Continues - Days 2 & 3.

Here it is. . .Days two and three and 18 rows later of the Month of Spring KAL Mystery. I think I may see something forming. What do you think? Is it an egg, bunny, flower, basket, chick, duckling, or none of the above? Leave your votes in the comment section.
Click photo for larger image.


Isela said...

OOoooooh, me knows, me knows :) but, I am not allowed to tell

Katty_katwoman said...

Well, I'm doing mine on the blue KK loom, and I was thinking (and brainstorming with my hubby) that it looks like a basket....we will see!

lindasofftheloom said...

I was thinking basket as well, but then I thought maybe it's an egg. It's fun to try and figure it out. Waiting for day 4. Isela, you bad, you bad! Hee,hee.