Tuesday, April 18, 2006

crack open those books!

Besides loom knitting, working as an instructional aide, and family responsibilities, I'm also a student. I'm enrolled in an online Early Childhood Education program. I've neglected my studies for this new-found hobby, but I need to get motivated to complete what I started. Only 5 more classes and I graduate with a degree! Cheer me on. I need the encouragement.


Dana said...

Linda, I am so excited for you! I know that you will finish strong. My prayers are with you. I am here if you need anything. We love you so much!

Melanie said...

Hi Linda,
You can do it! I know looming is SO much more FUN than school, but with only 5 more classes you're so close. See the loom at the end of the tunnel? Hey, with your new degree you'll make more money and with more money you can buy more yarn! I'm in school also and I'll graduate next May, so I definitely understand the burnout. Keep on keepin' on though!

Jami said...

Linda I am so excited for you! What an accomplishment when you are all done and you KNOW that God will be faithful to use you in this gift.

Jen Johnson said...

Good grief! - when do you time to breathe?
But, I am excited for you! That is so great - just keep pushing! I know you can do it!

lindasofftheloom said...


Ha! Ya think I need to slow down a bit?

Thanks everyone for all the encouragement. I think it worked. I finished two lessons out of six in the next course.