Thursday, April 06, 2006

One of My New Projects

I just love the colors in this new scarf I'm making. The colors remind me of fallen leaves from autumn trees. I got this yarn on clearance for $3.00 a skein called Sensations Mink in Cheetah Orange. This yarn is so soft and full. When I started working with it, I noticed that one skein yielded around 6 inches. When I checked the amount, it's only about half as much as the Fun Fur even though it looks like there's more. (Note to self: Put your glasses on in the store and check the yarn amounts.) Yikes, I didn't think I could find this yarn anymore, but I called JoAnn's and they had more at their other store, and they'll hold some skeins for me until I can dig my way out of all this snow! Hee, hee!

1 comment:

Jami said...

Linda I am sooo glad that you found some more. I want to see this scarf before you give it away though - it looks stunning. I may have to fork out the money to try this fabric ; )