Saturday, April 15, 2006

special delivery!

My new Decor Accents, Inc. sock looms arrived today! I'm doing the happy dance! They are gorgeous and come with a hand-waxed finish.

Here's what my goodie box contained: Two sock looms, one fine 8.5" gauge and one extra fine 8" gauge, basic loom knitting and care instructions including sock instructions, one yarn guide (I'm just learning how to use one of these, and I love it), and this beautiful ergonomic wood loom tool.

This is the sock yarn I purchased yesterday at Soul Spun Yarn in SLC. I wanted to use the Lion Magic Stripes, but I felt it wasn't stetchy enough. A good selection of sock yarn isn't easy to find in our neck of the woods. The consensus is still not definite as to whether the size 8" gauge for the x-fine loom will be a fit, so I'll be knitting a sample swatch ring using both the e-wrap and flat "U" wrap to see which method fits my foot. I can't wait to start using these beautiful looms.

Thanks, Sam, for doing such an excellent job, and both you and Isela for your patience with my order.


pammysue said...

Very Nice!
I got my sock loom this week too. Finding sock yarn does seem to be my next problem
Good luck and Happy looming

Jami said...

I am soooo envious! I can't wait to get mine! I won't be surprised if I see you wearing a pair of knit socks in the morning - he hee he!