Wednesday, May 17, 2006

papaya-limelight mock crochet hat

I finally finished my Papaya-Limelight mock crochet hat. It was done on CinDWood Crafts 51-peg 1/2" gauge round loom using Caron Simply Soft Brites in Limelight and Papaya. The first 5 rows are done using the purl stitch. The Papaya-colored section of the hat was done using the mock crochet stitch. The download for the stitch can be found here.
For the last 5 rows I used the flat "U" stitch and then gathered the top.

Looming through the Psalms
"O righteous God, who searches minds and hearts, bring to an end the violence of the wicked and make the righteous secure.
My shield is God Most High, who saves the upright in heart." Psalm 7:9,10


Jami said...

I LOVE IT - I want to get together soon so you can teach me how to make a hat! Are you almost done with the school season?

lindasofftheloom said...

Thanks, Jami.
Since my classes are independent study, I go at my own pace. I hope to finish up by the fall. We should get together this weekend and do some looming.

Peter said...

Hi Linda. Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog Blogger for Dummies. Looking forward to your visits again. Just to let you know Blogger for Dummies may not be updated but all new posts for the time being will go to Blogger Tips and Tricks while I ponder what to do. This is because of trademark issues.