Tuesday, February 28, 2006

So what's an I-Cord?

In all the looming reading and experimenting I'm doing these days, I came across something called an I-cord. Well, I was interested in learning how to master the skill of I-cording, so I tried my hand at it. Now, here's the blast from the past part of all this. If you're my age, you'll remember using a wooden thread spool (Do they even make those anymore?) that had nails hammered on the top. When I was a little girl, we would make these I-cords from these wooden spools. It all came back to me when I started experimenting with this loomy new-found skill. We would make the most colorful cords, wind them around, sew them together, and make hotpads and potholders. I think I remember making a little rug for my dollhouse with mine.
So, these I-cords can be made on the loom. It looks kinda funny at first, but then when it gets long enough you give it a little tug, and walla, it's perfect. I guess you can use them for straps, ties, and other embellishments. You can learn how at this site: http://www.decoraccentsinc.com/Free_Loom_Knitting_Instructions_s/47.htm

Monday, February 27, 2006

Spirit of Prophecy Bulletin

The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear the sound of it, but cannot tell where it comes from or where it goes. So is everyone who is born of the Spirit. John 3:8

Words from the Lord through Marsha Burns:

February 27, 2006: There have been places in your life experience where spiritual blindness has kept you from seeing My truth. For, there are dark places in your soul that have not been brought to the light and bondages that have not yet been broken. But, now come to Me in earnest, seeking complete redemption from all that has taken you captive, and you will be released from this darkness. Assuredly
I say to you that your light shall break forth like the morning, and your healing shall spring forth speedily, says the Lord.

Isaiah 42:6-9 "I, the LORD, have called You in righteousness, and will hold Your hand; I will keep You and give You as a covenant to the people, as a light to the Gentiles, to open blind eyes, to bring out prisoners from the prison, those who sit in darkness from the prison house. I am the LORD, that is My name; and My glory I will not give to another, nor My praise to carved images. Behold, the former things have come to pass, and new things I declare; before they spring forth I tell you of them."

from: http://ft111.com/

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Knifty Knitter Chihuahua or Small Dog Sweater Instructions.

This sweater is not my original creation, but I have used it to make sweaters for our daughter's Chihuahua, Bean. I found this KK Chihuahua sweater pattern on a forum for Chihuahua owners.

Knifty Knitter Chihuahua Sweater Pattern

By: Goldie

I wrapped the yarn very loosely around the pegs. I actually started with the red ring (one ring up from the smallest), and it was too big. If your doggy is 4-6 lbs., the small jig with a normal weight yarn, normally wrapped, should work great.

When I got the length I wanted from the bottom of the sweater to the front legs, I estimated where on the ring his legs would best fit. I decided to leave the center 4 stitches solid and the next 4 to each side as his leg holes.

So, stitched the first 2 (the right half of the center 4) normally, cast-off the next 4 stitches, re-wrapped those 4 posts (for the next time around starting stitches) and continued around till I got to the other 4 leg-hole stitches and did the same for them.

Continued around a couple more times with the very loose stitches then tightened up the stitches for the neck and did the tighter stitches for enough times around to be the right length.

Detailed Instructions for Leg Holes:

(Each number represents a loop on a peg, '0' is a peg with no loop on it)

You have your 4 pegs you want to cast off...
(-1- -2- -3- -4-)

Move the peg 2 loop to peg 1
(-1,2- -0- -3- -4-)

Knit the original peg 1 loop over the peg 2 loop that's now on peg 1
(-2- -0- -3- -4-)

Move the peg 1 loop back to peg 2 (where it started)
(-0- -2- -3- -4-)

You now have one (peg 1) stitch cast off.
(-0- -2- -3- -4-)

Repeat 3 more times
(-0- -2,3- -0- -4-)
(-0- -3- -0- -4-)
(-0- -0- -3- -4-)
(-0- -0- -3,4- -0-)
(-0- -0- -4- -0-)
(-0- -0- -0- -4-)
(-0- -0- -0- -4,5-)
(-0- -0- -0- -5-)
(-0- -0- -0- -0-)
When you are doing the row with the holes in it, instead of wrapping all the posts with the yarn, only do up to where you will be making the leg holes. Cast off those stitches (as explained above). Wrap those now empty pegs and continue as normal. So by the time you've gone all the way around, you will still have 1 loop around each peg. The loop at the new leg holes will be a fresh loop like when you did your very 1st row.

Starting off - casting on:

Beginning Loops:

Go around all loops two times:

Grab lower loop:

Move over upper loop and peg:

One row finished:

Long enough to start leg holes:

Working in leg holes –

You have your 4 pegs you want to cast off...
Move the peg 2 loop to peg 1
Knit the original peg 1 loop over the peg 2 loop that's now on peg 1
Move the peg 1 loop back to peg 2 (where it started)
You now have one (peg 1) stitch cast off.
Repeat 3 more times:

Finished sweater:

Tico (Goldie’s Chi) modeling:

I have also added another method as well for making this sweater.

Method #2 for small dog sweater:
For this method you would start with the neck and then knit the rest of the body to the desired measurements for your dog.
E-wrap the blue 24-peg KK loom and knit over.
You can make a brim by knitting 3" or 4" and then reaching inside the loom and place each loop from the bottom row over the corresponding peg. Pull the yarn loops on the bottom of the pegs over the ribbing row and over the top of the pegs. Continue wrapping the yarn and pulling over the pegs until you reach the desired measurements for your dog's neck. It turns out as a cute mock turtleneck. Instead of making a brim for the neck, you could use a ribbing stitch.
I used a 1x1 ribbing stitch K1, P1, K1, P1 for 10 rows.

After knitting the neck using either the ribbing stitch or making a brim, you then proceed to use a 1 over 1 stitch until you reach the length you would like to add the leg holes according to your dog's measurements. Use the leg hole instructions for method 1. Continue to knit over for the body until you reach your desired body measurements for your dog. Our male Chihuahua required 6 more inches of knitting before completing the sweater. Use the super-stretchy bind off to remove the completed sweater from the loom. Explanation for the super-stretchy bind off can be found here.
Scroll down and you will see the instructions for the SS bind off.

Wisdom from the Psalms

Psalm 22 :2
O my God, I cry in the daytime, but thou hearest not; and in the night season, and am not silent.

Prayer is a tricky thing, It was never meant as a "gimme' list by which we can get things from God. It is not a gripe time to vent frustrations and woes. It is not a time to show off our piety. Rather, it is a time to draw close to God in order to be open to His will and guidance. So often we feel that God is not listening because we don't get what we ask for. We want results immediately, and we decide beforehand what we will accept as an answer and what we will not. Who says that we get to make the rules?

The Lord hears us, and His is true to answer us, but He always measures His responses according to His divine wisdom. He knows what is best for us, even when it doesn't agree with what we want. It is natural and human to doubt the Lord sometimes. He understands that. Just don't give up. The Lord breaks through our desert spots, to comfort us when we cry.


Lift me, Lord, into Your loving arms. Grace me with the sweet memory of Your care, that I might never doubt You in times of trial. Amen.


Help send a friend to Panama.

You can buy one of these dolls to help support a friend. Her name is Savannah, and she is 13 years old. Here is her letter:

Dear Friends and family,

I have recently made the exciting decision to go on a mission trip with an organization called Global Expeditions, a part of Teen Mania Ministries. For more than 17 years, they have taken thousands of teenagers to countries all over the world. This year, I want to go to panama. Global Expeditions is a ministry totally dedicated to reaching my generation and equipping us to touch the world through missions. I cannot think of a better way to spend my time than sharing the Gospel with others and seeing my life changed as well. Panama is located in Central America where my team will be based out of the city of Panama City. I will be leaving on July 11th and returning home on August 5th. I will be busy ministering through drama, street evangelism, sports, VBS and tribal ministry. The total cost of this trip is $2355, which includes all expenses: airfare, accommodations, food, and training.

In Order to make money for my exciting adventure next summer I am making dolls. These dolls are dressed in thePanama colors, red, white, and blue.The suggested donation for a doll is $25 plus shipping. Any amount you wish to contribute helps. This is a suggested donation; if your heart leads you to give more I greatly appreciate your generosity, if you are not able to cover the suggested amount please simply send what you can.

If you are interested in buying one of these precious dolls, you can e-mail me at:


Feel free to check out global expeditions at there website www.globalexpeditions.com If you can't support me by buying a doll please support me and my whole team with your prayers* Please note, young children should not play with these dolls because they have small parts*

Birthday news.

Today is my sister's birthday. She was almost born on my mother's birthday!

Happy birthday, Lori!

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Fish Bowl Warmer?

Photo used by permission

The possibilities are endless with the Knifty Knitter! The fish bowl warmer is a must see. . .

Crochet Genesis

Well, here it is. My first attempt at crocheting. It's supposed to be the strap for the beach towel back pack pattern in the Knifty Knitter I instruction booklet. I used a size H/8-5.00MM crochet hook and crocheted a chain of 100 stitches and then did a double crochet stitch down and around the end and back up the back side of the chain. I believe I pulled the tension on the chain too tight. It should be around 25", but it turned out to be 14". Oh well, it was my first try. The yarn is Peaches and Cream 4 ply worsted weight 100% cotton.

Those KK socks.

Okay, so they don't really turn out like socks on the Knifty Knitter. They're more like slipper socks. I used the pattern on Yarngear.com. Check it out by clicking on the title of this post. I don't like what happened to this particular yarn I used. They got all fuzzy and wierd the first and only time I washed them. I would like to purchase a loom with a small gauge someday for making socks.
Hmmmm, more looms to buy. . .

Some Knifty Knitter Projects.

Here's our daughter holding her Chihuahua, Bean in his KK sweater.

Birthday news.

Today's my mom's birthday.

Happy Birthday, Mom!

The Knifty Knitter Craze

I think my 20-yr-old daughter may be getting a little worried about me. She says I'm starting to do "granny" things. Granny things? I think she's referring to the fact that I have been spending a lot of my time trying to learn how to knit with these looms. So far I've made a few sweaters for her Chihuahua, a scarf, and the slipper socks.

Today, I just may have learned how to crochet. It's in the embryotic stage, but it's a start at least. I guess today was a day for trying out new things.

Linda P.

First Things First

This is my very first blog creation, ever. I love the concept, and hope that others will join in eventually.
I'm a spiritual person, by that, I mean I'm not a judgmental religious person, but someone who has a relationship with God through His Son, the Lord Jesus. Anyone can accept His invitation of fellowship through His Son, but I do not advocate forcing my beliefs on others. God never did that with me, and I'd like to treat others with that same respect.

I first got into the idea of blogging when I picked up a funny little loom gadget called the Knifty Knitter around two weeks ago. Through much research and interaction with other loomers on the net, I noticed that some of these loomer people had the nicest blogs with photos, loom knitting patterns, and other posted interests. I thought, well, why not try my hand at blogging . I thought it would be nice to have a record or journal if you will of my evolving skills with loom knitting. I'm also interested in learning how to crochet.

So, here's the beginning of a new adventure.

Blessings. . .
Linda P.