Friday, April 21, 2006

signs of spring

Because of the altitude we live at, our spring comes when blossoms are falling off the trees in most places. It is always such a treat to drive down the canyon from our mountain home and see the signs of spring in the big city. Salt Lake is alive with spring with her blossoms, warmth, and bright flowers. Yes, this season of newness was blossoming all over.
I was really looking forward to this trip today because I had a unique opportunity to meet with a very special person I've been corresponding with online. Suz is a volunteer loom instructor who started the second loom class assignment at our Yahoo Loom Class Group. The assignment is for a mesh bag. Now, if anyone knows much about me they know that I love bags, so I got right on this assignment. Last night Suz told me to cast on 15 pegs on the yellow loom and knit a flat panel of 29 rows, and then we would meet in the morning so she could show me how to do the flat bottom for this bag. Wow, what a treat, one-on-one tutoring from one of the looming pros! It can't get much better than that. What a luxury because most of what I have learned so far has been self-taught instruction through reading, Isela's videos, internet loom patterns, and much trial and error. I have not taken a class, so no one has actually shown me what to do.

So here is the beginning of the mesh bag I started last night. When I was knitting the rows, something clicked, and I realized that in order to make the flat bottom I bet I was going to have to stretch this panel and place the end and side loops on the empty pegs. I was right.

I made one of the I-cord handles with this new gadget I bought last week called the Wonder Knitter. I have made the I-cords on the blue loom, and I got a kick out of making it with this cool gadget. It's faster than the loom and fun. I got a little carried away, and I think it may be too long.
So, here we are, Suz and me at the SLC library coffee shop. I'm on the right displaying what the flat bottom looks like after you stretch the loops onto the empty pegs. Suz also showed me other time saving tips and looming tricks of the trade.
By the way, libraries certainly have changed over the years. This new library is an incredible glass atrium building housing shops like The Salt Lake City Roasting Company and The English Garden, kid-friendly spaces, art galleries, museum and all kinds of nooks and crannies. Definitely a place you could spend all day in.

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