Saturday, April 15, 2006

sampler hat

Here is a teeny sampler hat I was working on late last night. I want to try this hat pattern in the new book I bought, Knitting Wheel Fashions by Leisure Arts. It's such a cute hat that looks like a beret when completed. There's an interesting stitch it calls for that I've been trying to practice. It also has decreases for the top. The stitch is called the double wrap. I have never heard of it, and the directions are a little confusing. Using two strands of 4-ply yarn, you wrap the pegs 3x. Then you lift the bottom loops over the two wraps. It then says to lift each top wrap off the peg making a loose stitch. Well, I tried that and what happens is the loop that you lift off the peg ends up becoming a dropped stitch and unravels. I tried lifting the remaining bottom loops up and over the pegs, and it does end up producing a loose stitch that has an open weave. If I stretched the hat out more, you could see the open weave I'm talking about. It reminds me of the mock crochet stitch in a way. I'm not sure if I'm doing this double wrap correctly, so if anyone has this book and can give me some pointers, I'd appreciate it. I'll try making the hat and see how it turns out. It's very cute.

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