Thursday, April 06, 2006

Snowy Day

Okay, so it's April 6th, and it's snowing like crazy here. I guess it's a good day for looming and catching up on my reading and studies.

Bean is not too happy with this weather change. He doesn't like the cold.


Jami said...

Can you believe this weather?! I am stuck in Heber, I planned on making it to Home Depot and Staples this morning and it hasn't stopped snowing at all. I am working on Aiden's scarf and its coming out great - he is getting so excited. I hope to have it finished by the morning.

lindasofftheloom said...

You go girl!

Marlene said...

I'm with Bean...I am soooo ready for warmer weather! I hope you're enjoying you're week off!

Candy said...

Good Heavens! That's a lot of snow!

I it was so hot here yesterday (Texas), I had to turn our air conditioner on! LOL!! :-D