Wednesday, October 16, 2013

lacey afghan off the loom

Finally, my lace-loomed afghan is off the loom!  I removed it just the other day.  This afghan is so soft, and will provide many hours of snuggle time for a very special newlywed couple.  It needs to be blocked for shaping.  The yarn I used was Yarn Bee Andes Alpaca in Pearl & Paradise purchased at Hobby Lobby.  Loom knitted on the CinDWood 5/8" gauge Universal S-Loom using a lace pattern I created.  

Looming Through the Psalms:
"But you, ADONAI, don't stay far away! My strength, come quickly to help me!"
Psalm 22:19 


Sandy said...

I am very impressed that you created your own pattern. I think I would like to loom, but I wouldn't have the time. It seems Michelle Marzano is into it. That's pretty cool that you guys can talk about something in common.

linda: off the loom said...

Thanks, Sandy. Yes, it's nice to have a hobby in common.