Wednesday, August 14, 2013

lace-loomed afghan blanket

Here is the secret project I mentioned in my lace practice post.  It's an afghan I've been working on since last October.  It's almost completed, and will measure approximately 64"W x 78"L.  The recipients know about it and some loomers wanted to see it, so I thought it was about time for the reveal.  I'm looming this on a CinDWood 5/8" gauge Universal S-Loom.  This was a special order gauge loom Cindy manufactured for me.  She's brilliant.  Thanks, Cindy!  I created the lace pattern for this afghan.  Thanks all for viewing my blog and your kind comments.

Looming Through the Psalms:
"Be exalted, O YHWH, in your strength!  We will sing and praise your power."
Psalm 21:13 

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ladgybug78 said...

that's beautiful. Do you have a written pattern to share or sell?