Tuesday, February 16, 2010

shaping a hat crown

I've been working on a practice hat to learn how to shape the crown instead of using the gather method.  Since there are 24 pegs on the KK blue loom, I sectioned the loom off into four sections of 6 pegs using stitch markers.  In the first photo there are two triangles after decreasing the stitches. 

The hat is taken off the loom with four triangles that 
will need to be stitched together to close the crown.
This is what the completed practice hat looks like 
after the triangles are stitched together. 
Isela on her Purling Sprite Blog has a tutorial on
this decreasing technique that I found helpful.
A video of the mattress stitch used to sew the seams 
together can be found here at KnittingHelp.com.

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