Sunday, July 09, 2006

new Markman 18" RG adjustable rake

Yesterday I received my 18" RG (5/8") adjustable rake from Markman Farm. I planned on using this rake to make prayer shawls. I wanted a loom that would be versatile and not specifically designed just for prayer shawls. The loom has to have at least 60 pegs in order to make the shawls, so I decided on this 18" RG adjustable rake.

The product list stated 52 pegs for this adjustable rake, and with the additional 4-peg end pieces, I would have my 60 pegs. Wrong! I didn't calculate that once you removed the 2-peg end pieces and placed the 4-peg end pieces on, you would only have 56 pegs, not 60. What to do?

Well, my lightbulb moment came at 2:00 a.m. last night. What if I combined both end pieces giving me an additional 12 pegs. I took the longest hex bolt and put it through both pieces. It would work. Only thing is the end of the hex bolt didn't come through to the other side. I needed a longer hex bolt.

Do they make them longer? Sure they do, and they have them at Home Depot! I bought two 5 1/2 " hex bolts and some extra wing nuts. They worked! They're the perfect length, and I have my 60 pegs. Now I can keep my "baby", and we'll have very happy looming days together.
The End

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Jami said...

Your so awesome - most of us would have thrown our hands up in frustration but not you!

Love you!