Sunday, March 12, 2006

Miracle Scarf in the Making.

I started one of two "miracle" scarves I'm making for St. Patrick's Day. One I actually get to keep and the other I'm giving to the teacher I work with. I told her a surprise was coming. You can find the directions for this scarf at Provo Craft and at (scroll down - it's called the Flexible Scarf). Any beginner can do this. Click on photos for larger view.


LizAnderson said...

Very cute blog! I hadn't thought of making a scarf in St Patrick's Day colors, but what a stroke of genius! They knit so easily, so quickly -- I should have just enough time to get one done for a special teacher, too. I also love that you have yarn everywhere -- just like me. It's comforting to know I'm not the only one ;)

lindasofftheloom said...

Thank you!
Along with the looming I now have a new obsession with yarn. Every time I go to Wal-Mart (only store in my town that carries yarn, ugh), I come back with several bags of yarn. I loaded up this basket in the craft section because my arms were full, and I needed a place to put it all. I ended up buying the basket too!

Jen Johnson said...

Hi Linda!
Got your post from my blog. Glad to hear from you! I'll link your blog to mine. I look forward to reading more about your new hobby!

Jenell Coker said...

Hi Linda. Welcome to the blogger world. I had no idea you were knitting. Hope you are well.

Marlene said...

Hi Linda!
I had no idea you were so creative! What a fun way to "tie" in you're hobby with the Lord! Look forward to reading more...

Jenell Coker said...

I wanted you to know I got your phone call. I am crazy with Jason in Brazil and have not been able to get a good time to call with the time change. My e-mail in I love your idea for my mom. Why don't you e-mail me with more info on what I need to do.

lindasofftheloom said...

I understand. I get real crazy when Lenny leaves even for just a few days. I could totally relate to what you wrote on your blog about missing Jason. I'll email you.