Saturday, August 19, 2006

extra small gauge wonderloom

Click on photo for larger view.

I received my Decor Accents ESG WonderLoom today. It's beaufiful, and I love the design of this loom. The gauge measures 3/8". I just love this size gauge and can't wait to make some goodies with my new WonderLoom.


Jami said...

It looks so nice and I have to say that I love mine! I think I've made 5 dish cloths already starting a sixth today. It's great!

I can't wait to catch up on everything that we've both had going on the past few weeks. I've missed you!

Anonymous said...

hi i got mine yesterday do you know how many pegs for what size hat? i am at a loss here wish there were patterns or files to use i love your blog! you are so talented
thank you

lindasofftheloom said...

I received some information on the decoraccentsinc Yahoo group regarding the number of pegs to use on a 3/8" gauge for hats.

Becky, from this group gave me this advice:

"If you go to the files section on the group home page, click on frequently
asked questions, and click on average head sizes, you'll have half of the information you need. Next, you'll want to knit a swatch to see
how many stitches per inch the yarn knits up at, and then do the math
for how many pegs you'll need. This is the best method to figure out
how many pegs you'd need, because an individual's knitting tension, as
well as the yarn used and stitch used, will result in swatches of different stitches/pegs per inch even when using the same loom."

Isela also commented:
"Hi Linda,
I second Becky's suggestion--the best way is to knit a swatch then follow the measurements in the Database/Links section. One tip: Hats usually have about 1-2" negative ease."

Jami said...

Okay its time to update your blog - its been nearly a month without a post! I wanted to call you today, I got my Lion Brand yarn catalog in the mail and I want to make everything and buy ALL of the yarn, LOL.

I can't wait until the retreat, I will finally be able to see you!

Kim said...

You seem to have a lot of knowledge about knitting boards.
Do you do any pattern testing?

Crystal said...

I just got an ESG WonderLoom and I love it!!! I haven't made any dishcloths yet, but that's one of the reasons I wanted it. I'm not sure I'm ready for FG, so I thought ESG would be good. I love the nylon pegs! Hope to see more of your projects soon, especially Wonderloom projects!