Wednesday, June 21, 2006

more yard news

Yesterday our hedges arrived. Lots of holes were dug. Have any of you seen the movie or read the book, Holes? Yep, that's what digging all those holes reminded me of! I wouldn't mind finding a treasure!
Here's my hubby using the tractor to bring the topsoil over to where we need it. I've never seen him on a tractor before.

Today, all the hedges were planted and the giant garden box filled with topsoil. It's coming together nicely. I can't wait to get my rock garden in.


Jen Johnson said...

That looks great - what a difference! Looks like it took a lot of hard work, but a great payoff at the end!

Jami said...

Linda it looks gorgeous and I am so envious of the view you have! It must feel great getting everything done.