Saturday, February 25, 2006

Fish Bowl Warmer?

Photo used by permission

The possibilities are endless with the Knifty Knitter! The fish bowl warmer is a must see. . .

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Anonymous said...

Okay, I know that this was "Tongue in Cheek" comment... BUT since you threw out the baited photo and hook and I happened by... I had to bite!

Once upon a time - (we won't specify just how long ago) I had a fish... oh yes, I did.

J.R. - hey don't laugh my room mate named him - you see she loved to hate him just cuz' he sorta ate some other fish in his bowl. Well, I didn't know you couldn't put other fish in the bowl with a beta! Anyway - J.R. stuck!

He was a roudy little thing. He would bang the gravel around in his bowl to get your attention. When he knew he had it he would swim up to the side and flare out his gills at you! He would flop at the top of the water to make it sploosh! He had all sorts of funny silly tricks!

On the weekends when I had to travel home I would put saran wrap over the top of his bowl and rubber band it. Carry him out to the car and seat belt him into the passenger seat beside me! He would ride all the way home and then back to school swimming at the front of his bowl (not ever just swimming around like you would think!) like he had a window seat to the world and not just the dash board of my car!!! LOL!!

So Hey, If I were still in college and if J.R. were still swimming around and taking road trips with me I'd buy your bowl warmer for those cold snowy days. Mercy - how I miss that silly fish!

Thanks for the trip down memory lane! Hope it gave you a giggle too!!